Kringle Jingle

Kringle Jingle (White)---------------
Here comes the man bringing cheer
he only See's us once a year
the candy-cane man,shinny red sleigh
spreadin' honey on Christmas day
Santa Claus Kringle old saint nick
up there doing his Christmas trick
dasher dancer prancer vixen
bringing saint nick with all the fixings
hey there Rudolf light up your nose
I need new shoes and fancy cloths
sack on his back snow on his face
man I hope he finds this place
Santa Clause Kringle old saint Nick
doing his awesome Christmas trick
look at those reindeer man they're quick
come on Santa give 'em a kick
(the rap)
Need a new silk suit need a Cadillac
need a mink for mamma to roll on her back
Wanna look real slick when I pick up my chick
I need new threads so I gotta have bread
Need a diamond ring to do my thing
I'll stick it in my pocket until I got to hock it
get it on Santa really rock it
wanna walk the street with a Christmas beat
need brand new shoes wrapped round my feet
so come on Santa I need some gold the clock
keeps tickin' and I'm gettin' old
your up in the sky your gettin ready
I'm down on my knees and I'm prayin' heavy
come on Kris Kringle make things jingle
I need some bread that comes in yards
gotta pay fat cats for my plastic cards
want a new gustine when I see my queen
look real sharp long and mean
a new felt hat to cover my brain
a new umbrella to keep out the rain
Santa Claus Kringle Old saint Nick
get it on do your trick
We got the tree we got it wired
got wood on the hearth and the fireplace fired
We put out the cookies laid out the milk
wanna make his trip as smooth as silk
come on reindeer move them feet
bring those goodies to my street 
he's up in the sky on a Santa Claus high
if he don't stop here I'll surely die


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